five reasons why you should personalize your gift

Personalized Gifts are made with love here at looksbykk. 

Shopping for gifts, especially around the holidays, can be difficult and stressful, and believe it or not some can be extremely unmeaningful. That's where we come in handy and where custom gifts stand out, making an ordinary gift thoughtful and meaningful. 

Why personalize your gift?

Here are 5 reasons.

1. Personalized Gifts are Thoughtful & Unique

When you personally customize each present you can be sure that you are creating unique gifts for everyone. Simply by having their initials, name, favorite icon, or even a different design you won't find anywhere else can put a smile on their face. If you add a special message, or include a photo can increase the excitement, but if you simply monogram their name can show you really put time, care, and effort into the gift. 

2. Personalized Gifts are budget friendly 

All gifts at looksbykk are meant to last and create memories. They do take time to make, and try our best to use the best materials on our products to ensure premium quality which is why the prices may be higher than an ordinary product. But we also make sure our products are affordable and can fit in any budget. 

3. Personalized Gifts are perfect for any occasion 

We have a limited assortment right now, but we are hoping to extend our assortment of unique gifts, where you can find the perfect present for everyone, no matter the occasion. 

4. Personalized Gifts are memorable & cherished 

Custom gifts are meant to be cared for and treasured. Something as simple as a Christmas ornament can be a cherished keepsake when you customize it. 

5. Custom Products always STAND out

Whether it's something simple or more complicated, or whether it's a person's initials or a design they like, you are creating a one-of-a-kind, custom product. Personalized gifts stand out from the crowd of any other gift. They are ideal for those who really like meaningful gifts, or who are simply just too complicated to shop for.

When friends and family finish opening all their gifts, guess which they will remember the most?